The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review

Telltale Games The Walking Dead made an indelible mark last year on the gaming industry and community. Fans of the series have clamored for anything new and Telltale has answered with 400 Days.

As the title suggests, 400 Days takes place right as the outbreak is unfolding. You play as five different characters with independent stories that eventually converge on each other. From the beginning you are free to play each story in any order you wish, however it does seem that the game does have a certain pattern with each characters’ opening showing the progression of the outbreak through the 400 Days. The story in 400 Days is not as compelling as The Walking Dead. The reason for this is that each story only lasts about 15-20 min depending on how much exploration and dialogue you choose to seek out. Thankfully, the choices you make are just as important as they were in previous entries. You will be presented with life or death situations that ask you to make very difficult decisions that could carry severe consequences and that is always a welcomed addition to a game like this.

Not much has changed in the overall gameplay. Characters still control the same but when it comes to dialogue, Telltale delivers once again. While language is abundant this doesn’t muddle the story, but it does make the M rating clear. Each character is handcrafted and their own tale is woven intricately. I give Telltale a lot of credit for expounding upon each survivor’s back story enough to keep you interested but leaving just enough out to keep you searching for more answers.

When it comes to visuals and design, the game retains its unique identity. You will still encounter some lag between scenes but it’s nothing game breaking and is the only major flaw I stumbled across through multiple playthroughs. The music in 400 Days is just as important as it was in earlier entries. Though it is few and far between it is appropriately set to pivotal parts of each characters’ story allowing for full immersion.

While 400 Days did not leave as much of a mark as its predecessor, it did leave me excited for Season 2. At $4.99 the game is definitely worth your purchase especially if you want to learn more about The Walking Dead. I’d recommend finishing the first five episodes of Season 1 first as I did find a major spoiler in one of the characters chapters that could be off-putting and confusing to some players. Overall, I enjoyed my time with 400 Days and I would recommend it to any fan of the franchise especially if you cannot wait for Season 2.

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