Buying a Pre Built Gaming PC Under $300

Even though gaming consoles have apparently conquered the gaming market, there is still a huge chunk of gamers who still prefer gaming on PC as it provides a much richer experience and gives you more control. Many hardcore gamers love building their own gaming PCs by carefully combining different components that complement each other and work together to give an incredible gaming experience. On the other hand, there are many prebuilt gaming PCs available in the market to help those gamers who don’t have enough time or know-how that goes into building a gaming PC. If you are one of those people whose pride doesn’t get hurt while going for a prebuilt PC and want to know how to buy the best prebuilt gaming PC under a limited budget of, say $300, then you have come to the right place.

When it comes to buying a prebuilt gaming PC, there are a lot of options available that serves different purposes and fulfil different gaming needs. Bear in mind that not every prebuilt gaming PC will give you the best value for your money or give you the best gaming experience under $300. While talking about a modest budget, you need to first be aware of the system essentials that are significant to give you a reasonably sound experience within your range. To make the best out of your money, we have gathered some pointers for you to help in making the decision of buying the best prebuilt gaming PC. You need to realize that at this price point you’re going to get an entry level gaming machine that will run AAA gaming titles at low/medium settings but will still give you a decent experience.

Things to Consider

Prebuilt gaming PC is a great option for gaming beginners. It eliminates all the fuss and energy involved in creating your own custom made gaming PC and saves a lot of time. The prebuilt gaming PCs are ready-to-use packaged bundle that just needs to be plugged in and played on. But that doesn’t mean every prebuilt gaming PC is designed perfectly. Many such prebuilt machines are not accustomed to upgradability or may have other lackings that needs to be addressed and further spent on to improve them. For the tech savvy gaming pros, it might be an easy task to figure out how to choose the best prebuilt gaming PC. But when it comes to beginners and non-techy people, it is important to learn and research atleast the basics of gaming machines. For the best experience that you can get under the price mark of $300, you need to consider the following essentials that will help you decide which prebuilt PC to buy and how to make the best use of your money.


Just like in an automobile, the engine is the major component that dictates the performance of a car, the processor is the main component in a PC that commands the performance of the whole computing machine. A fast and speedy processor will ascertain a better performance and will help greatly in the experience. Gaming involves a lot of multitasking and speedy functioning so you need to first consider a powerful processor while purchasing the best prebuilt gaming PC. If you want to compromise the processor over the idea of getting an updated graphics card, remember that upgrading the processor is much more expensive because it will also lead you to upgrade the motherboard with it. So a powerful processor should be your first priority. Now there are gaming PCs available which has APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) instead of traditional processors with an integrated graphics chip so that the system doesn’t need a separate graphics card.


Another important factor is storage as gaming demands a lot of storage to let you download games and save your progress along with the customizations and settings. It is highly recommended to get a combination storage that compromises of both SDD and HDD for a smooth running of the games.


The higher the RAM is the smoother your experience will be. The basic limit is to get atleast 8GB RAM if you want to get a PC for solely gaming purposes. RAM is essential to storing gaming files and personal data which you might need to recover later. So the best budgeted prebuilt gaming PC should have a sound RAM in order to run heavy games and to save your important gaming data.


Gaming, in today’s era, is all about graphics and computer animations that makes the experience rich and more realistic for the gamers to completely immerse into the gaming world. To achieve that level of fun, your prebuilt gaming PC should have the latest graphics card or GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). It is always advisable to upgrade the graphics card separately whenever you buy a prebuilt gaming PC. Within a limit budget of $300, you will need to run the AAA gaming titles in low/medium settings in order to enjoy the 1080p or up resolution games.


With a rapid change in technological trends, gaming world is also first paced and this these gaming machines also needs to be upgraded from time to time. So whenever you buy a prebuilt gaming PC it is important to choose one that allows for future upgradation of its components. Even when you buy a low budget gaming PC under $300, you need to have an open mind regarding future upgradation of its components and the system should allow for it as well.

Computer Case

Computer Case is another important factor which is sometimes ignored but it still is important when it comes to overheating of the machine. Gamers tend to play non-stop for long hours even through the night, that is why it is important that the computer space has openings for airflow to avoid overheating of its parts and it should also have some empty space to allow for any future upgradation of any of its components.

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