Buying The Best Pre Built Gaming PC Under $200 in 2021

Gamers all around the world have a similar passion towards gaming and getting the best system and gaming accessories to make their gaming experience more thrilling and satisfying. Many gamers still prefer PC gaming over console gaming because of the traditional touch and since with a PC you can get the very best out of the gaming experience. But when it comes to a limited budget, you need to stop and think before getting a machine that is cheaper but still works efficiently and gives you a reasonable quality of gaming experience. Building PCs is a great way to make your desirable machine by combining different components within the limits of your budget constraints. But if building PCs is hard and a complicated process for you, there is always an easy option available of getting a prebuilt gaming PC that will work just fine and save your time as well.

Many companies offer prebuilt gaming PC with a wide variety to meet all kinds of user needs and budget constraints. Prebuilt PCs are made after doing a lot of research and testing of different combination of components in order to find the perfect match which works efficiently and also doesn’t overheat the system. So when it comes to a very strict budget like buying the best prebuilt gaming computer under $200, these is still hope for you. Bear in mind with a budget this low, you won’t be getting everything but rather an entry level gaming computer that can run the AAA gaming titles with the least compromise and minimum upgradation required. You might not be able to run the full version of heavy duty and latest games without any upgradation. But it will still work nicely for beginners. Prebuilt gaming PCs comprises of high speed and powerful processors, a good graphics card, a respectable storage for easy access and a fast RAM to manage multitasking and heavy workload. An important point to consider is that the computer case should have some space left to allow for future upgradation of the components.

What to Consider

Gaming PCs are heavy machines that are specially designed to meet the needs of the gaming users. For beginners and with a limited budget, you need to know the what goes in making a gaming computer or which components are more important and relevant for gaming machines instead of doing regular office work on PCs. After conducting a lot of research, we have listed the following basic guidelines of the components that are essential for gaming PCs and which provides you with a seamless gaming experience.


For a gaming computer to deliver optimum gaming performance, it should have a powerful processor that can manage multitasking and working with heavy and sizable loads of data. It is important to consider those prebuilt PCs which comes with the highest and fastest processor in your budget because upgrading the processor is more costly since with that you also need to upgrade the motherboard simultaneously. So never compromise on the processor as a good processor ensures fast performance of the whole system. Another thing to consider is that instead of getting a PC with the typical Intel processor chips, it is wiser to go for APU or accelerated processing unit because it comes with an already integrated built-in graphics card so you don’t need a separate graphics card. APUs are recommended especially for users with a low budget of under $200. This will save the expense of a standalone graphics card which you can the invest to increase the size of the RAM instead.

Graphics Card

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) allows to run the graphics and video animations on the computer so this is a crucial component for gaming PCs. Even in prebuilt gaming PCs you would need to upgrade the card in order to get the latest results from the machine and to run 720p or 1080p resolution games.


Storage is extremely important when you want to save lots of downloaded games or other data for easy access later. The prebuilt gaming computerthat should be bought should have a reasonably high storage to run high quality games on your PC. A combination of both SSD and an HDD storage is recommended (a good combination is to have 120 GB SSD for system files and 1 TB HDD storage for personal and gaming files).


The least requirement of RAM for gaming PCs is 8GB and up. If you can get an 8GB or more RAM on your gaming computer then there won’t be any upgrades required for the RAM and your gaming computer will give you a pleasant gaming experience.


The computer case or chassis is also important to consider. Since gamers have a tendency to play games for endless hours even at nights, it is important to realize the significance of that metallic box and that it doesn’t overheat. There should be airflow inside it to prevent heating of electrical components and also there should be some empty space in the case to allow for any upgradation of the components in the future.


We can’t stress enough on the fact that even with a prebuilt gaming computer, expect a lot of upgradation of the components in the future. Due to changing technological trends and rapid advancements in the gaming world, you would be needing changes and upgradation of the components from time to time. For example, you may need to add more drives to increase storage or to upgrade the RAM to get more speed for running newer games.

Return Policy

When you buy a prebuilt gaming computer, there should be a return policy that allows for exchange or refund if the machine doesn’t perform as promised. Because these customized machines may not be properly tested or some component may not work with the other. It is highly recommended that you choose a vendor where a return policy is available.

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