LEGO Overwatch Review

Overwatch has been one of Blizzard’s most successful games. The fast-paced competitive first-person shooter took the gaming world by storm in 2016. Blizzard Studios is a serious player in the gaming industry. This studio has dished out countless gaming titles that were huge successes. And just like most of their games, Overwatch was a huge success as well. In fact, this game has expanded beyond its digital existence. Today, we’re going to talk about LEGO Overwatch. An official collaboration between Blizzard and LEGO that has brought many of the game’s memorable characters and location to life.

Despite being 4 years old, Overwatch still maintains a healthy number of active players. In 2018, the game hit its player peak after selling 40 million copies. In 2020, its active player base has gone down, but the game is far from dead. People across the world regularly play with one another. And Blizzard hasn’t decided to leave this game either. Even in 2020, the game regularly gets updates that keep things fresh.

Why is Overwatch So Popular?

There are a number of reasons behind this game’s success. Its fast-paced and challenging mechanics being one of them. Blizzard designed this game for e-sports. This means that Overwatch’s mechanics are all about mastery. The game features a colorful cast of characters that you can play. And each character has its own playstyle. This means that every character provides gamers with a completely different set of playing options.

Along with great mechanics and a variety of modes, Overwatch also has amazing lore. The game’s developers have put an immense amount of effort into creating background stories for the Overwatch universe. Every character and location featured in the game has their own backstory. And all of their backstories come together to form a captivating story about the entire Overwatch universe.

You could say that every character in the game has their own personality. This has led to fan followings being formed for every character in the game. And LEGO Overwatch capitalizes on this.

The Characters

When Overwatch came out, it had 21 characters. Each character was meticulously designed and the player base fell in love with all of them. Over the years, the developers introduced 11 more characters to the game’s roster. At the moment, the game has a very wide range of playable characters to choose from.

What is LEGO Overwatch?

Lego is one of the most successful toy companies in the world. And they have a habit of joining hands with various pop culture successes. LEGO Overwatch is a collaboration that has brought a bunch of characters from the Overwatch universe to life. There’ s a lot of Overwatch merchandise out there. You can find shirts, posters, actions figures, and whatnot. However, LEGO Overwatch is arguably one of the most interesting merchandise that has come out for this game.

LEGO toys have always been fun and exciting because they come in parts. You get to put them together in order to finish the toy. The same goes for LEGO sets of Overwatch. You can buy LEGO sets featuring different characters and locations. And then you can put the pieces together to come up with a fantastic looking model.

Anyone who’s interested in these toys can check out LEGO’s website for more information on them. LEGO has stated that this collaboration will produce toy sets and limited quantities. This means that you can expect to see a very small number of these sets in the market.

The 2020 Update on LEGO Overwatch

The LEGO and Blizzard collaboration was announced in 2018. Back then, the companies announced that they will be releasing 6 different sets. The first batch of sets included a very popular Bastion figure. In 2019, we got to see more sets being introduced as well. This was probably thanks to the great response that LEGO Overwatch received. At the moment, there are a bunch of different sets available on LEGO’s website. However, they are all in limited quantities. Anyone who is planning on getting their hands on them should act fast.

There’s a healthy fan following built around LEGO and Blizzard’s collaboration. And a lot of people are hoping that the companies release some new sets as well. At the moment, we cannot say whether there are going to be any new releases in this lineup. But this does not mean that we shouldn’t be hopeful. Both of these companies have worked together in the past.

We can keep our fingers crossed and hope that 2020 sees a bunch of new sets being released. There are plenty of characters and locations in the game that have not been featured in the lineup. We can hope that this is a good sign. Blizzard still has plenty of material to feature in their LEGO lineup. And since this collab has received a very positive response, we can assume that there’s more to come.

What Can You Get Right Now?

At the moment, there are several different sets available on LEGO’s website:

  • Dorado Showdown Set
  • Hanzo Vs Genji Set
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar Set
  • Bastion Set
  • Junkrat & Roadhog Set
  • Va & Reinhardt Set
  • Wrecking Ball Set

These are all the sets that are listed as available on LEGO’s site at the moment. Keep in mind that isn’t a list of all the sets that have been released. Some sets are no longer being sold by LEGO, but you can find them with a bit of digging.

If you know anyone who is a fan of this game, there’s a very good chance that one of these sets will make their day. In fact, anything from the LEGO and Blizzard line-up is bound to put a smile on any Overwatch fan.

And if you’re a collector who’s eagerly waiting for new releases, you should keep your eyes peeled. Keep on checking the official channels for the latest news. Currently, Blizzard’s Overwatch forums don’t have much information, but everyone is agreeing on the fact that there will be a 2020 release as well.

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