KontrolFreek Grips Review

Thanks to our friends at KontrolFreek we have been able to test and review their new KontrolFreek Grips.

These grips are advertised to be made with antimicrobial, nonslip, breathable moisture wicking material. They are also supposed to be easily removable and re-positional without leaving residue.

The product we received was for the Xbox One. The one and only thing I hated about these grips were getting them on the controller. They stick on but do not have very good instructions on how to properly apply them. I would suggest the use of a youtube video or such to see the best way to apply. Other than that though they are wonderful. The grips are comfortable and do help prevent and remove sweat.

If you are looking for controller grips I recommend you give these a try, especially if you are a KontrolFreek fan. They will currently only cost you $12.99 per set.

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