Halo 5: Guardians Review

The main issue you will likely have with this is the violence. Halo 5 you shoot a lot of aliens and there is blood. I will say the amount of blood though is about the same as past Halo games as well as the violence. One thing of note is that this is the first Halo game with a T rating. Although, it supposedly has language I never heard any. Currently, what other sites have found are the  other word for butt, and some Monty Python references that do not seem to make much sense or be bad.


If you are an average consumer you have been lied to. I decided to wait out most of the sneak peeks and leaks this time around and see the game from an average consumer standpoint when it came to marketing and I can say this 343 did a good job about leading people on about the story. The advertisements made it look like Master Chief had caused destruction on some planet and Spartan Locke was supposed to take him out. This was also pushed towards in the #HuntheTruth campaign 343 put out. Despite or possibly because of this I think the story was excellent.

In Halo 5: Guardians you play as both Master Chief and Spartan Locke. This in many ways mirrors Halo 2 with how you switch back and forth in the game. Master Chief along with Blue team found a lost research vessel. Master Chief then decides to go after Cortana to find out what is going on despite orders not to. Spartan Locke along with the rest of Osiris team are sent to capture Blue team and bring in the Chief, but get a little more than they bargained for.

My biggest issue with the game has to do with one of the games bosses. He is used as a main element to the game but is used in what most gamers would consider cheap ways. You have to fight him on multiple levels as a boss, and instead of adding difficulty by changing up the formula in fighting him or adding skills, weaponry, or defenses, there are just more of him each fight. At first just the one then two then three. It feels cheep and almost as if they had other plans and rushed him in as a fight multiple times.

Game World

Halo 5 has a big and beautiful universe to play in. You get to visit multiple planets that feel real. One such is a Forerunner planet where the whole environment in new compared to what is seen in past games. You also get to see a human colony, a hidden research vessel and the Elite homeworld. 343 did a great job of really giving a feel of just how large the Halo universe actually is.

Personally though it was not the world itself that had me double taking as much as Osiris team did. All the characters are have scanned CGI versions of the voice-actors face, and seeing Nathan Fillion there gave a fun feel as a Firefly fan.

As far as multiplayer though you might be disappointed. Although there are a good number of maps, each map is only used for its respective playlist this leads to only having about 3 maps used and often finding yourself playing the same one in a row for multiple games in a row. I think this could have been changed or improved upon and many maps could be used on most playlists.


There are not many things different in Halo 5 from other games as far as controls, but two things stood out for me. First, the grenade button has been switched from left trigger to left bumper and switching grenades now happens on the Dpad which makes it hard to switch while running. Secondly, The reason it was switched was so you could look down the sights of your gun like you do in Call of Duty. This has never been in any other Halo game and is in my opinion unnecessary. One thing I enjoyed though, is that you can also use the Dpad to command the rest of your team to get in vehicles or move to certain areas, so you no longer have to worry about the AI getting stuck or taking a vehicle you want.


Halo 5’s Story varies from multiplayer gameplay.

In Story mode you have Blue team or Osiris team fighting with you and they have the ability to revive you during battle. Other than that things are mostly the same. With all of that Gameplay is good. gone are the loadouts and the armor abilities of Halo Reach and Halo 4. Things have returned to how thing were back in Halo 3, mostly.This is easily felt in game. The gameplay is more fast-paced though, and the grenade system aims slightly different than past games.

The story mode had a good amount of difficulty even on normal so if you enjoy a challenge in a game you will likely enjoy Halo 5.


The Graphics in the game were great, everything looked wonderful and was beautiful. The main issue I had has to do with a psychology problem known as “the uncanny” or “the uncanny valley” this basically states the more human something looks past a certain point without being human becomes creepy or fear inducing. it is displayed in this graph.

Although, the CGI faces in this are not very fear inducing or creepy, there is something that just seems weird about them. something psychologically I cannot get over.


Overall, Halo is violent and you might find some language. The story is great but some things could have been done better. The universe is diverse with many areas to see, but the multiplayer has few maps per playlist. The controls are a little odd for the normal Halo player but might be more natural to a Call of Duty player. Gameplay is great and fast paced. Although the graphics are wonderful, I still cannot get over the CGI heads on Osiris team. Overall it is a good game and I would recommend you get it.

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