Grand Theft Auto V Review

Rockstar’s newest installment in the franchise that made them the gaming giant we know of today has been released for almost two months now. This game is a blast to play and it really reverts back to more of its fun and silly game play of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. GTA V manages to keep a thrilling and interesting story. We venture back out to the west coast into Rockstar’s imitation environment of Los Angeles, called San Andreas. The graphics are drastically better from the previous installment of the franchise. Considering this is only on the PS3 and Xbox 360 it is really surprising what they were capable of doing with the limited technology they had. Although its beauty comes at the cost of sporadic frame rate drops and a less rendering distance at times particularly when there is a high paced action occurring on screen. Even though this is clear, it doesn’t really ever affect gameplay because it usually quickly regenerates quickly and repairs the environment.

GTA V map


The gameplay is just fun and for the most part realistic in its actions. The campaign of this game stars three playable characters from very different environments that you can switch between at almost any time you are running around the city or even out in the rural area in the north. The first character you play is Franklin, a man living with his aunt in the rough side of Los Santos (the main city). He has a job of repossessing vehicles, with his childhood friend Lamar, for a man named Simeon. The Second character you meet is the retired man by the name of Micheal that lives the rich life in the north part of Los Santos with his family. The third character you play as is a man by the name of Trevor. A crazed drug lord trying to advance his company of Trevor Phillips Industries out in the rural area of San Andreas. Each character has a skill that they are better at than the others and each one has a unique ability that helps them in their time of need and is usually attributed based on their special skill.  There are many vehicles that including cars, motorcycles, bicycles, helicopters, planes, boats, and jet skis. There are also a lot of weapons that honestly I haven’t even got to use yet and I have beaten the game. Besides the main story lines there also many side missions that mainly appear as a question mark on your map in the game and lead to some very crazy stuff. There are also a lot of clothes that you can buy for your characters at many stores across the game. You can also go to a barber shop and “take some off the top” or put some on the top since he have the ability to change hairstyles and facial hair for each character. There is also a tattoo parlor where you can get predesignated tattoos. You can also take some time and do some recreational activities in the game such as golf, tennis, and yoga. Also, there is the option to invest in stocks in the game through the players phone. You can also buy property in the game such as garages, restaurants, boating docks, and an airport hanger. You can also take cars and modify them in the custom shops around the city that contain many parts for your cars. GTA Online There is a lot jam-packed into this game and I have only covered single player as many of the features are in multiplayer (GTA Online). The online aspect of this game is just as feature rich and exciting with a lot of added chaos. After completing the multiplayer tutorial, you are set free into the online world which is exciting and scary all at once. Also in multiplayer, you get calls or texts to do jobs from non-playable characters from the single player game. You can work on your swing by playing golf or tennis with your friends. Scattered across the map are various missions that you can do with your friends that include races, deathmatches, and a wave based horde mode system where you kill off a specified group of people. There is also a leveling system overall in that is based on respect points earned by doing pretty much anything. There is also a cash system that you can use to buy various things for your custom multiplayer character or buy property or vehicles. Be careful though and make sure not to have alot of money in your players wallet because if somebody kills you they can take some of it out of your wallet so you are going to want to deposit it into your bank. Overall, this game is a blast to play, especially with friends. There are some major problems when it comes to this game and our walks with Christ. This game contains many illegal activities such as stealing, murder, prostitution, use of drugs. This game contains a lot of bad language and violence. It also allows the over consumption of drugs and alcohol. This game contains many sexual themes such as prostitution and the ability to do various things at a gentleman’s club in the game.

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