EVE Online: ‘Crius’ focuses EVE’s Industry

The next release and bigger update for EVE Online is now on servers. ‘Crius’ brings a complete overhaul to industry mechanics and was a very discussed topic in the community forums…

Following a new update and release schematic, ‘Crius’ is the second step in the new ten-weekly update cycle for EVE Online. Essential changes are made and some capsuleer weren’t happy to see them. Here are the most important changes:


Blueprints have now a max of ME 10 and PE 10. This actually means that your extremly-super-efficient researched ‘Myrmidon’ Blueprint is as valuable as one, a new player research just to a material efficency of 10.

Production UI

A new UI for production and research jobs should give players a better overview of the cost of jobs and gives immediate feedback of informations about material needs and skill influence to manufacturing and researching jobs.




Taxes, Costs and Teams

A new taxation in stationary productionslot now orientates on system and constellation wide workload. Heavy industry system will “suffer” from higher manufacturing costs and force industrial players to move around or get advantage of Team.

In a special Team hiring window it’s now possible to bid for a building team, which influence production time or material efficency or is specialised on producing Ammunition or deplayable structures.


Reprocessing is now a new profession in EVE Online. While only less specialised skills where necessary for a maximum mineral yield, now you’ll need an additional implant to get at least 72.4% output. In total numbers this is close to the yield you got before – just better skill and a better profession in this field is needed.

Reprocessing in LowSecurity- , wormhole and 0.0 – Space will be more efficient and gets at last more minerals than before ‘Crius’.

Read more about ‘Crius’ in the official EVE Community paper:

Link: http://community.eveonline.com/releases/crius

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