Dead Rising 3 Review

This game is full of blood, gore, and violence. It also includes sexual themes, drinking and some very harsh language. This is definitely not a game to leave out where a little sibling or a child could get to. If you are at all sensitive to any of the above mentioned you will probably want to avoid the game as it is very far from being a “Christian game”.


In Dead Rising 3 you play as Nick Ramos, a mechanic surviving in the city of Los Perdidos. As always, you survive the story with various NPCs including Ronda, your boss, Dick, a trucker, Diego, your old foster-brother, and more. During this period in time it is 2017 and Zombrex chips are used to keep infected people from turning by dispensing Zombrex when necessary. Not all infected use the chips though and rely on Zombrex shots. These people are known as “illegally infected”. You eventually gain the aid of a group of illegals for multiple purposes. One illegal, Annie, becomes an important character as the story progresses. Along with them you are aided by Jamie through a special smart phone made by the ZDC (Center of Zombie Defense and Control) as he has holed up in a ZDC safehouse. Jaime offers aid such as unlocking weapon caches, telling about survivors to save, psychopaths to deal with, and even drone strikes(when the Xbox One Smart Glass app is used). As always there is a big conspiracy behind the outbreak, especially since those with Zombrex chips have turned. You will face government forces and meet familiar characters such as Marian Mallon and Isabella Keys from previous games which help tie the story to previous games.

Game World

The “world” for this game or rather the city of Los Perdidos is rather large able to fit the game worlds of Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 inside it with space to spare. The city is realistic to some degree and includes four different sections of town. The areas can have clear differences showing you what kind of people likely lived in that part of the city. There are many areas with roadblocks, wrecked vehicles and more that can hinder your route and this gives a good feel that an outbreak occurred and that at one point was getting dealt with. You will need to use vehicles to easily get around without getting killed.The game is open world unlike previous games so the game only loads during story elements and when you load your saved game.


This games controls are pretty basic and easy to get used to. Those that have played previous Dead Rising games should recognize most of the control scheme. One interesting new control element is during quicktime events that occur when zombies grab hold of you. This requires you to shake your controller up and down as the Kinect picks up the IR lights in the controller. I found this interesting as it adds a little more to playing than you basic button mashing. At first I did have a little trouble with picking up items as you are supposed to double tap B while I thought you only had to hit it once. Overall though thew controls are simple and I found the shaking controller thing fun.

Kinect and Smartglass Integration

I feel both the Kinect and the SmartGlass integration were done well adding enough extra convenience and fun to the game to make me want to use them while also not being overpowered in such a way that without them it would have any less of a fun factor. Kinect allows for voice commands and lets you use the shaking controller feature I spoke about earlier. SmartGlass provides you with multiple tips for the game and the occasional drone strike. It has a map that keeps track of where you are in-game so that you do not have to pause the game to look at the in-game map, gives tips about psychopaths, safe house, and the like, and more small things that make it just a little easier to get by. You also get a couple extra side missions and can call a survivor you save for backup(though usually if you do they die.)


Gameplay was quite enjoyable and fun. The game of course is full of zombies and ways to kill them. Although you can get by a bit by just running from the horde you will have to kill zombies and that is when the game starts to show its M rating a good bit. Things like decapitations, cutting them in half, and setting zombies on fire is just part of it. There is a lot of blood and gore and I wish there was a way to turn off some of the blood. Of course, in the Dead Rising games you save other survivors, battle psychopaths, and find out the conspiracy behind the story. Personally, it seemed that saving survivors in this game mattered very little especially since it did not even effect the ending like it did in some of the previous games. Psychopaths were more disgusting and insane than any other game and really did not have quite the same kind of charm and with that the original game had. It feels much more serious and thus made them less fun to fight and more like a chore, I kept hoping there would be some of the bad puns and irony that the first game was known for but unfortunately it fell flat on its face in that respect. Many of the deaths are quite gruesome and disgusting. The government conspiracy seemed to be the main point of the game with a lot of fighting military kill squads, getting information about who caused the outbreak, and things of that nature.

As you go through the game you can collect blueprints to make more weapons and vehicles, find statues of Frank West, and more. The leveling system of the game was one of the big differences this time as you get to choose how you level up by spending attribute points to gain various skills things like improving health, inventory size, and the time it takes to make combo items.


The graphics for the game are tremendously good very sharp and realistic, but the realism in my opinion goes to far. I would much rather have a more stylized game with less realism. Also this game is very dull when it comes to the colors of almost all the environment and lots of gray and dull brown color the landscape and the zombies. The most colorful things are probably the vehicles, survivors, and the inside of some stores and restaurants. The game just felt like color had been drained out of it at times. This created a large amount of contrast for when you would kill something and the blood would spray out i bright red. I understand it is supposed to be post-apocalyptic but some bright colors on the environment and clothing of the undead would have been nice.


The game is fun and has a good story. It includes interesting elements and makes great use of Kinect and SmartGlass without taking away from the game if you do not use them. The game is easy to control and would not take long to get the hang of for those that have not played the previous games. Although graphics are great the game seems to lack a certain amount of color. It has a more intense feel than previous games and seems to have lost some of the spirit of the original not having much of a comedic flare to cut the games tension. It game highly deserves its M rating with blood, violence, sexual references, and more. Overall it can be an enjoyable game for the average gamer but as a Christian I can not really recommend it.

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