COSTWAY Gaming Chair Review

If you are an avid gamer and spend most of your day indoors with a controller in your hands and your eyes glued to the big screen infront of you then you should consider adding another gaming accessory in your collection i.e. gaming chairs. Gamer chairs will take things up a notch for you and will most definitely increase both your productivity and satisfaction. Gamer chairs are meant to support the gamers body which stays put on a single chair for many long hours that their muscles start to cramp or ache. When you sit on a proper gaming chair instead of a regular chair, you will start noticing the difference in the level of comfort and pleasure. One such gaming chair is by COSTWAY and after trying we started to feel the difference right away. COSTWAY High Back Executive Racing Reclining Gaming Chair is a very nice addition to the gaming room that won’t really hurt your wallet but will give you most of the features of a high quality premium range gaming chair.

COSTWAY High Back Executive Racing Reclining Gaming Swivel PU Leather Office Chair (Yellow), Black & Yellow
  • Ergonomic design- the chair design perfectly conforms to ergonomic standard and human body...
  • 360 degree swiveling wheels- five casters are closely and tightly connected to solid base...
COSTWAY High Back Executive Racing Reclining Gaming Swivel PU Leather Office Chair (Green), Black & Yellow
  • Ergonomic design- the chair design perfectly conforms to ergonomic standard and human body...
  • 360 degree swiveling wheels- five casters are closely and tightly connected to solid base...
COSTWAY Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair High Back Computer Chair PU Leather Desk Chair PC Racing Executive Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support
  • 【Upgraded Configuration】The firm pneumatic rod to support the chair seat is with about...
  • 【Multi-Function】The chair can be adjusted to a lowered angled position form 90-degrees...


So starting off with the review right away, we received the order in time and assembled it with the help of the instruction manual.

  • Assembling was fine, not that hard and the box contained everything you needed from tools to hardware. It took around thirty minutes to assemble the chair. One thing to note was that the instruction manual didn’t have any actual words on it but the assembling instructions were given in form of step by step pictures that showed what goes where. We assume that may be a problem for some people who finds pictorial instructions hard to follow.
  • Once the COSTWAY gaming chair is ready and you sit on it, you immediately feel the comfort that is indeed ergonomically designed by the company as stated. It has the right paddings and pillow rest at the right places where it is needed to make your body feel relaxed and well supported.
  • There are two pillows, one at the head rest and one for lower back and both the pillows are well positioned and do add this next level of comfort especially for people who have a bad back. For gamers who get really engrossed while gaming and can go on sitting for the whole day or even the whole night, ergonomically designed chairs are essential for their wellbeing. The COSTWAY gaming chair won’t leave you feeling tired. Its lumbar support protects your waist and spine from getting strained. Moreover, these pillows are moveable, adjustable and even removable if they are not your thing.
  • The chair has five wheels that gives it the 360 degree swiveling motion as mentioned and the mobility is indeed smooth and makes the chair more fun and practical as you can move in the chair all around the room. Although if you have a carpeted floor, it probably won’t move that freely.
  • The reclining back is a huge plus and goes from 90-degree upright angle to a complete 180 degree lying position in which you can even take naps. Reclining function is easy to use and the control lever helps in preventing the chair back rebound. It basically locks in your desired angle. You adjust the back rest at your desired angle and enjoy the gaming experience. On the contrary there is no foot rest so for some the reclining function without a footrest may prove to be dissatisfying.
  • The height of the chair is also adjustable with a gas cylinder piston that is pressed with a lever under the chair to make the chair go up or to bring it down if it doesn’t suit your height and stature.
  • Armrests are also adjustable but of all the parts and features, the arm rests look a bit of low quality and weak. Also they are not that wide so they won’t support individuals with bigger arms or hands.
  • The material used for the chair and the seat is PU leather which is perfect as it gives the classy look of real leather but doesn’t feel hot or cause sweating. The material makes the chair easy to use, clean and maintain.
  • The look of the COSTWAY gaming chair is quite appealing and sturdy. The chair has a high back rest that can support tall people. But for heavy weight gamers, this chair is not recommended. The maximum weight capacity for this COSTWAY gaming chair is approximately 250 lbs. so after reviewing we can say that this gaming chair works great for teenagers and young adults who are tall but slimmer. If it is used by people beyond the 250 lbs. weight limit excessively it may deflate the cushioning of the chair.
  • The COSTWAY gaming chair can be used in multiple ways for identical situations like apart from gaming, it can also work great as an office chair where you need to sit for long hours and the body demands comfort and support in order to feel relaxed.


  • High quality chair that you are getting at a reasonable price (well below $200)
  • The chair is very stylish and tough looking
  • Feels very comfortable with all the right adjustments available
  • The features mentioned do work the same way as described


The only negatives we felt while reviewing the COSTWAY gaming chair were,

  • The lack of footrest which might make the reclining function less attractive for some people
  • The low quality of arm rests

Final Verdict

The COSTWAY gaming chair will indeed enhance your gaming experience and your physical well-being because of the ergonomics that are designed in the details of the chair. Your whole body will feel relaxed and comfortable even after sitting for hours because of the support provided by the chair. All in all, COSTWAY gaming chair seems to be a delightful purchase especially considering the pros and cons.

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