Bioshock Infinite Review

In the 3rd installation of the Bioshock Franchise Irrational Games, led by Ken Levine, releases their second installment in the three part franchise. Infinite changes the experience of the game completely by sending you into the clouds to the floating city of Columbia ruled by a man named Comstock. You play as a private detective named Booker Dewitt that is told “Bring back the girl, wipe away the debt.” by a set of twins.

Columbia is absolutely breath taking when you first see it in all it’s glory. It is very different from the dark and creepy Rapture that is underwater from the first two games. Columbia is seen as a very merry place and is bright and full of citizens and sunshine. The civilization in Columbia had not fallen like in rapture. It creates a completely different experience.

The graphics in this game are stunning every thing is detailed and just very pleasing to the eyes to look at. One of the best graphical games as of recently. The combat system has been changed as well as the items to match the different setting of the game in Columbia instead of rapture (I personally favored the Bioshock 1 combat system more.).

From the christian perspective this can be a difficult game to play in it effect on your walk with Christ. This game involves a religion based on the founding fathers of America as their Gods, racism, a lot of violence, the ability to consume alcohol, and the requirement to take “potions” to play the game (they give you abilities or recharge your abilities).

Overall this game is a very fun game to play and it is very pleasing to the eyes graphically. It can effect your walk in its lack of morals and in its crooked morals. Nevertheless Irrational has brought another excellent game to play in what is their last game as the company we knew them as.

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