The 5 Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Under $600 in 2021

People who are really passionate about gaming and spend hours and hours playing video games are always eager to enhance their gaming experience. Gaming PCs are one way to achieve that. High performance and fast PCs with great graphics and a sustainable memory is the sure way to enjoy high resolution games on your PC. With the rapid increase in technology and the advancements in graphics and computer animations, new and improved games are coming out every day to make the gaming experience more immersive and thrilling. People love to escape into the world of gaming where everything is controlled by the joystick in their hands, where it is all about fighting evil or winning exhilarating battles.

#1 HP 8300

HP 8300

HP is one of the top brands when it comes to computers and desktops, and this best gaming PC by HP truly lives up to its name. With a Windows 10 operating system, it offers an unbeatable screen resolution of 4K and offers a hard drive storage space of 1 TB. This PC features the top rated NVidia Gforce gaming card and has 1080P HDMI resolution for clear, high-resolution graphics.

The best thing about the HP 8300 PC is that it comes with some free add-ons such as a power cable, a brand new USB keyboard, and a mouse, all under $600. This is what sets HP apart from the other PC brands as they do not offer such additional items at the given price. So, if you happen to be a gaming addict and want something at an affordable and pocket friendly price, this best gaming PC is the right choice for you.


  • Affordable
  • Light in weight
  • Powerful performance
  • High gaming resolution
  • Includes free add-ons


  • None reported so far

Contenders For The Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Under $600 in 2021

  1. HP 8300
  2. HP Z230
  3. Alarco Gaming PC Desktop Computer with 3 RGB Fans
  4. Alarco Gaming PC Desktop Computer with 6 RGB Fans
  5. Alarco Gaming PC Desktop Computer with 4 RGB Fans

#2 HP Z230

HP Z230

The multimillion hardware firm HP is renowned for manufacturing some of the best gaming PCs at affordable prices, and the Z230 is one of those. This incredible workstation gaming PC has a powerful intel core i5 processor that runs Windows 10 operating system for maximum utilization of the machine. Moreover, it features 16 GB RAM with dual hard drive storage consisting of 240GB SSD space and 2TB of hard disk space so that you can have a tension free gaming experience.

The hybrid PC also allows you to browse the internet and stream music, movies, and games without any interference. The pc comes with 4 USB ports, 1 audio input, and 1 audio output port as well as headphone and microphone jacks for audio streaming. However, the HP Z230 PC does not have an SD card port, but given the price and the other features offered, this is something you can surely live without.


  • Has windows 10 Professional
  • Warranty included
  • Heavy duty specifications
  • No Lag or disruption


  • Overheating reported

#3 Alarco Gaming PC Desktop Computer with 3 RGB Fans

Alarco Gaming PC Desktop Computer with 3 RGB Fans

Alarco’s Gaming PC with 3 RGB fans is the go-to choice of many gamers who want to enhance their experience without burning a hole through their pockets. This high performance PC features a powerful Intel Core i5 processor and NVidia GTX 650 1GB graphics card with DVI, HDMI, and VGA output to ensure that you can enjoy high-resolution gaming seamlessly. Moreover, this gaming PC by Alarco features 8Gb RAM and 1Tb of hard drive storage, all under a budget of $600. Perhaps, the best thing about this PC is that it supports 2 ram slots, which means that you can upgrade the RAM to 16 GB to have even better experience. This gaming beast runs Fortnite on an average of 100 FPS on low settings and 60 FPS on medium settings. You can also play other popular games like GTA and PUBG on 30 FPS.

Sleek and stylish, this gaming PC comes in a black body studded with 3 RGB Fans to prevent overheating. Tempered glass side panels showcase the amazing specs the PC offers, and this casing can easily be removed if any part needs to be replaced. This system comes with a 1 year warranty along with amazing after-sales service, which makes it worth the investment.


  • Attractive design
  • High speed Intel i5 processor
  • Has 3 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • 8 GB RAM
  • RAM can be increased to 16 GB


  • Weighs up to 25 pounds
  • Not Portable
  • Overheating issues reported

#4 Alarco Gaming PC Desktop Computer with 6 RGB Fans

Another incredible gaming PC that has made it on our list today is the Windows 10 Pro Gaming PC with 6 RBG Fans and remote control by Alarco. This PC is an advanced version of the PC mentioned above as it comes with some upgraded features and a few add-ons as compared to the previous model. To overcome the heating issues as reported in the previous model, this gaming PC by Alarco features 6 cooling fans to maintain the temperature of the processor and ensure that it performs optimally without shutting down. This powerful PC features an Intel i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB storage space, and an NVidia Gforce 1GB graphics card so that you can have a quality budget gaming. Additional features also include HDMI and USB ports for LCD connectivity, headphones jack for sound streaming as well as Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity.

Popular games like Fortnite, PUBG, and GTA can be played on low as well as medium settings while other games such as Call of Duty can also be played if the specifications match the gaming pc. The PC has a matte black body covered by a tempered glass cover, which can be removed easily if there’s a need for any repair or replacement. Moreover, the colorful fans give the PC an attractive look and also draw a lot of attention.


  • Attractive design
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for online gaming
  • Accessibility to Microsoft Store
  • 6 fans for cooling


  • Not Portable

#5 Alarco Gaming PC Desktop Computer with 4 RGB Fans

If you’re looking for a mid-range and affordable gaming PC, then you should definitely consider this gaming PC desktop by Alarco. It belongs to the same range of PCs by Alarco as those mentioned above, but this one has 4 RGB 120mm cooling fans for a moderate cooling effect. 3 of these colorful fans are placed on the front pane of the PC while one of them is at the side for efficient cooling.

This prebuilt gaming PC features an Intel 5th generation processor along with Windows 10 as the operating system. With a 1 GB NVidia gaming card and the processing speed of up to 3.10GHz, you can enjoy seamless gaming with high-quality graphics on games such as Fortnite, PUBG, and GTA. The PC also comes with 9 ports in total, including Ethernet and HDMI connectivity ports, so that it can be connected to larger LCDs for clear and unbeatable visuals. It has a 1 year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects or any kind of defects in parts of the desktop so you can be sure that your investment will not go to waste.


  • Aesthetic design
  • Light in weight
  • 4 cooling fans
  • Fast and powerful processing


  • No DVD drive
  • Overheating is still an issue

Many people have shifted to console gaming but there is still a huge chunk of gaming enthusiasts that still loves the classic way of playing games i.e. playing on their PCs. For this purpose, buying a gaming PC is a really satisfying way of playing the latest games at their full potential. Another reason for choosing PC gaming over console gaming is the affordability factor because console gaming is relatively expensive. Some gamers go for building their own PCs according to their requirement but with the changing trends there are prebuilt PCs available with every component installed already to solve this problem. So if you are looking to buy a prebuilt gaming desktop computer or a high performance PC which supports multitasking with heavy loads, you need to be aware of all the essentials that are important for good gaming PCs. If you have a budget constraint, then you need to buy very carefully after doing proper research so that you can make the best use of your money and get the latest and perfect combination of hardware systems.

In this article, we are going to discuss a mid-range prebuilt gaming desktop computer that will cost under $600 but will still be good enough to run 1080p resolution games in a seamless manner without compromising on the quality or graphics of the game.

If you find building gaming PCs hard or confusing, there is always an option of buying a prebuilt gaming computer according to your requirement and make your life easier. To help your purchase a gaming computer, you still need to know which components are important for a gaming computer to work efficiently and make your experience remarkable. With a budget of under $600 you need to realize that you are going to buy an entry-level gaming machine which can run 1080p resolution games without the need of any upgrades. We have done our research and summarized below some of the focal points that needs to be contemplated.


Starting with the basic, you need to have a potent processor to ensure high and fast performance. Some prebuilt PCs come with the latest graphics card but with a relatively slow processor but it is important to note that the processor should be preferably higher in performance because upgrading a processor means you will also have to upgrade the motherboard as well which is more expensive than upgrading just a graphics card. So always choose a gaming computer that boasts a powerful processor to run the AAA games that can be bought under $600.

GPU or Graphics Card

Graphics Processing Unit or the graphics card is the chip that runs the videos and animations of the game on your computer. Whenever you buy a gaming computer, it will be vital to upgrade the graphics card because it will make a great difference to the content and running of the game. The upgradation of GPU will make it possible for your PC to run AAA games in 1080p resolution at 60 fps. So in most cases, you will still have to upgrade the graphics card even when buying a gaming computer with a preinstalled GPU.


When it comes to RAM, the least requirement to run the latest games is 8GB. Always buy a PC that has atleast 8GB or above RAM in order for the computer to work efficiently and seamlessly. With this requirement met, there won’t be any need to upgrade the RAM after purchasing your desired computer. With a fast DDR4 RAM, the gaming performance will most definitely be enhanced.


For heavy gamers, storage in a PC is vital to run high quality games. Storage is of two types, SSD and HDD but it is recommended to go for a combination of both of these types in order to enjoy heavy gaming. Although, SSD is faster but expensive whereas HDD is slower but cheap, the ultimate combination of these with a range of 120 GB SSD for system files, and 1TB for personal and gaming files, works best for gaming PCs.

Computer Case

The computer case or the chassis is also one the critical things to consider while buying the best gaming PCs. The reason behind is that gameplay involves long hours of usage which tends to overheat the machine. This can be avoided by taking care of the airflow inside the machine that will keep the system cooler and prevent it from getting heat up more frequently. For this purpose, the size of the computer case or the chassis also needs to be considered which is the metal frame that houses all the circuitry and the electrical components. It should have enough room for upgrades as well.

Other Features

While looking for the best gaming computer, you also need to look out for the extra features that are available and which ones can be added within your budget. Some of these extra features include Bluetooth, USB type-c and extra USB port, SD Card Reader, HDMI port, DVD optical drive, USB wired keyboard and mouse, Wi-Fi etc.

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