The 3 Best Gaming Chair For PS4 Players in ​2021

If you are a PS4 gaming addict and with that controller in your hands you dive headfirst into this parallel universe where everything around you changes into the realm of the game, you have come to the right place. For gamers, the thrill achieved by playing games on gaming consoles or PC is incomparable to any other activity in their life. Gaming chairs are hence becoming an important accessory for gaming addicts because it simple makes the whole experience richer and more immersive. People who spent more than three hours a day sitting infront of the gaming console and playing video games tends to get tired and start getting body aches as well because sitting in a wrong posture for hours puts the body under strain. Thus gaming chairs are meant to not only facilitate in the gaming experience but also tend to add comfort and support for the body.

Top 3 Best Gaming Chair For PS4 Players in ​2021

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It is vital that you sit on a proper chair with your body well supported if you want to sit for long hours. Comfort is the key whereas the rest of the features offered by gaming chairs adds to the fun and give you a wholesome gaming experience. So buying a dedicated chair for the sole purpose of gaming could be the best decision for you and the final piece of furniture to add to your gaming corner or room.

How to Choose The Best Gaming Chair

Gaming consoles and PCs are the two main categories of gaming devices and they differ in the sense that for gaming on PC you need to sit closer and right infront of the PC system so the accessories for PCs are different whereas for gaming consoles like PS4 or Xbox, you can sit anywhere in the room as the controllers are wireless and you can attach the console with any TV screen and start playing in any positon i.e. sitting, standing or lying down. Therefore, gaming chairs for PS4 and PCs are different as well. Let us discuss the requirements for a gaming chair for PS4 and what kind of features are available in the gaming chairs present in the market. Then you need to decide which factors are important to you and ultimately buy the best fitted gaming chair.


First things first, affordability is nonetheless rudimentary. If you are low on budget it would be hard to get a good quality chair. Looking for a cheaper option might not be a wise decision because cheaper versions tends to be of low quality and will start defecting in a year’s time. So it’s better if you go mid-way and buy a not-too-shabby but not overly-priced version available.

Size And Styles of Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs come in various styles to accommodate different body types and comfort altogether. There are two main styles of gaming chairs that you need to know before deciding which one is perfect for you. The console friendly rocker-style chairs, which are low-on-the-ground chairs and the armchair style which basically supports bigger sizes and longer legs. You need to try some out to decide which style works best for your body type.


Comfort is crucial and might be the biggest reason for the invention of gaming chair. Gamers have a tendency to sit infront of the gaming consoles lost in the gaming world for hours that they forget how much time has passed and that they need to change their position. Sitting at one place for such a long time is deemed unhealthy. Therefore, a proper gaming chair can help and give your body full support, especially lumbar support, and a comfortable seat to sit in which is specifically designed to meet the needs of a gamer. Different kinds of gaming chairs are available at the stores and some focus on comfort more while others prefer providing more game oriented features and accessories. The best kind of PS4 gaming chair will be the one which gives a perfect balance of both as comfort cannot be compromised for long standing gamers.


The best gaming chairs are those that are lightweight and foldable so that they can be easily moved around and put away in a storage area when you need more space during nongaming hours.  However, if you are gaming addict and have a dedicated gaming room or corner which is specifically adorned for the purpose of gaming, then you might not fancy the portability factor.


The material of the chair matters a lot when it comes to durability and sitting on a gaming chair for a long span of time. Most of the gaming chairs have a leather covering that makes them look classy and are easy to maintain and clean but the downside of this leather material is the heat and sweating if there is no proper airflow and you’re sitting on the chair for long hours. Because of the heat, some people prefers gaming chairs made of fabric that is lightweight and breathable but that kind of fabric is harder to manage and clean.

Speakers And Vibration Motors

Most of the gaming chairs come with built-in speakers and sub woofers installed at the head of the chair with a surround sound system to give an immersive experience to the PS4 players. Moreover, some chairs also have a vibration feature which gives the player a four dimensional sensory experience as the chairs vibrates with the loud sounds and echoes produced during the game.

USB Ports And Plugs

Additionally, some gaming chairs have USB ports for plugging and charging your USB devices which proves to be kind of handy and a convenient option. There is also a headphone jack if you like playing video games with a headset on instead of using the speakers of the chair.

Extra Features

Some gaming chairs come with more extra features like under-seat storage, cup holders, movable snack table, Bluetooth connectivity etc. which are meant to provide a luxurious experience to the gamers. So basically it all comes down to your needs and preferences.

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