The 3 Best Gaming Chair For Heavy Person in 2020

Video gaming, whether for PC or console gaming, has a growing community which consists of passionate gamers of all ages, gender and sizes. The thrill experienced by gaming in today’s era is like none other for avid gamers. For gaming marathons, gaming chairs are a great idea to match your lifestyle and your gaming corner. People with more than average weight and bigger bodies usually find their options very limited because of their size. Even when it comes to apparels, heavy people find it difficult to shop according to their requirements and they feel they don’t have much of a variety as average size people have. Hence we are here with the good news. If you are one of these people, we are here to tell you that there are gaming chairs available that are specially designed for heavy people and their big stature. So they can also enjoy the best gaming experience that is provided by these gaming chairs.

Top 3 Gaming Chairs For Heavy Person in 2020

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Gaming chairs are available in a wide variety in the market and they serve different purposes. Some are more focused on providing comfort for the body while other are built to enhance the gaming experience and to make it more enjoyable. The best kind of gaming chairs are those which provide a balance of both factors to give the ultimate experience of satisfaction, comfort and entertainment. Gaming chairs that are most suitable for heavy weight people are built around the purpose to give their body full support and comfort while making them feel relaxed as they fight against evil on the screen. Now the question arises how to find and choose the best kind of tall gaming chair for heavy individuals that they can use without worrying about damaging them. To answer this question, we are here to discuss the important factors that are essential to consider when deciding which gaming chair is best for tall people.

While looking and trying for gaming chair for heavy individuals, some factors are vital to look for that will help in buying the most suitable and best gaming chair. Let us discuss such features of the gaming chairs that you need to be aware of in order to decide which gaming chair is the one for you.


When it comes to large sized gaming chairs that are intended for heavy people, there is a price to pay for all those extra features that are meant to help you sit snuggly yet comfortably. You will have to compromise on the price factor since the structure of such gaming chairs is manufactured with heavy metal frames that are sturdy enough to bear a lot of weight. Hence they are priced higher than the average kind of gaming chairs for standard sized people.


Heavy people tends to sweat a lot especially when sitting at a single place and playing video games all day long. Consequently, the fabric or the material used for the gaming chair’s seat is also important to consider before buying. The ideal kind of fabric should be easy to clean and maintain with a spill proof, water proof and dust proof technology. It should also be breathable enough to encourage airflow between your body and the office chair. Although leather coverings give a classy look and it is simple to clean and maintain as well, but the downside is the overheating in summers and getting too cold in winters. For that purpose, many companies are coming up with alternatives to leather and one such alternate is PU leather. PU leather has all the plus points of a leather covering with increased airflow so it is more breathable.

Weight Capacity of Gaming Chairs

The actual weight limit of the gaming chair needs to be considered while buying for heavy individual. Most bigger gaming chairs support a weight range that starts from 300 lbs. and can go to 400 lbs. or even upto a maximum limit of 450 lbs. So you need to match your body weight and find an office chair with a range that supports your body weight. If you use a chair that doesn’t support your body weight, you can end up damaging the chair or even yourself.

Wider Arm Rests

For heavy and tall guys, arm rests in a gaming chair are crucial to support their bigger arms. For bigger arms, wider arm rests are required to manage the weight and give full support to arms, wrists and hands. Gaming chairs also offer adjustments for arm chairs. Some office chairs offer three dimensional (3D) adjustment which are, up and down movement, forward and backwards movement, and inwards and outwards movement while some even go one step further and offer four dimensional (4D) movements that adds getting pivoted inside.

Back Rest And Footrest

The best kind of gaming chairs for big and heavy people are the ones with a back rest that is tall and does recline to offer relaxation modes. The back rest should be adjustable as well according to the comfort of the user. For some people, footrests are necessary especially when you’re going to sit for long period of time.

Body Support And Ergonomics

Most gaming chairs are designed to deliver comfort at its best. They are meant to support heavy gamers that spend a major chunk of their day sitting infront of the screen. That is why it is key to find a gaming chair that is suitable for the needs of your body like how your neck, head and spine should be upright instead of slouching. The importance of lumbar support cannot be denied for heavy gamers when they sit in their chairs for long hours. Ergonomically designed gaming chairs will give your body the right kind of support for all the right places of your body without feeling strained or tired even after sitting for long hours

Bigger Seat

The sitting area itself should be wider than normal chairs so that heavy people can sit freely and comfortably while enjoying their game play.

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