The 3 Best Gaming Chair For Big And Tall Individuals in 2020

Gaming is an addiction and is enjoyed by people of all ages and sizes. For avid gamers, many types of gaming accessories are available in the market for them to make their gaming experience more exciting and super fun. One such gaming accessory is a gaming chair that is specially designed to meet the needs of gaming enthusiasts who spend more than two hours every day infront of their PCs or screens with a controller in their hand. Tall gaming chairs with its stimulating features not only makes the gaming experience more fun but also adds to the comfort and support for the body. Just like tall and big people have trouble finding their suitable size when it comes to clothing and wearables, finding a good and sturdy gaming chair for the larger than average sized body type is also difficult. But fortunately not impossible. Many gaming chair manufacturing companies has recognized the need of adding specially designed gaming chairs in their product range for people with excessive weights and long extremities.

Top 3 Gaming Chairs For Big And Tall Individuals in 2020

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Finding a tall gaming chair that is suitable for your weight and height is extremely important for you to feel comfortable sitting in especially for long hours. Your body should be fully supported when you have to sit infront of the screen for long span of time to avoid fatigue or unhealthy posture. If the office chair is not of the proper size, you will end up with discomfort and getting tired after sometime and lose focus in the game. For gamers, winning is everything and to win those electrifying battles you need to feel the most comfortable in order to be fully productive. It is essential for your body to be relaxed and your mind fully focused on the scenario of the game.

What to Look For

For finding the perfect match between your body type and a gaming chair, you need to consider the following factors before buying the best tall gaming chair meant for you.

Weight Capacity

Gaming chairs available for big and tall people usually start with an enduring weight capacity of 300 lbs and can go upto 450 lbs. So firstly you need to look for gaming chairs that matches your body weight in order to find the best fit. Most of the larger gaming chairs easily support body weights ranging from 300 lbs. to 400 lbs. This means the gaming chair itself will be quite sturdy and bulky so you will have to compromise on the portability factor. Gaming chairs meant to support heavy duty weights are manufactured with a metallic frame and a robust exterior so the tall and big people can also sit and enjoy their gaming hours comfortably without any worry.

Adjustable Height

For big and tall individuals, gaming chairs come in large sizes with an adjustable height option which is maneuvered by a gas piston underneath the seat to give substantial space for their long legs. Since even tall people have a different body type. Some have longer limbs and a relatively short body while others may have a bigger body with relatively short legs. Gaming chairs that comes with adjustable height option is the best kind to buy.

Body Support

Tall and bulky individuals should consider a gaming chair that is ergonomically designed to fully support the gamers body and make it feel super comfortable and properly supported at all the right places. The lumber support is crucial so the head, neck and spine are upright and the person sitting is not slouching or sitting in an awkward angle with one part of their body strained or under pressure. For this purpose, gaming chairs are built with suitable upholstery, paddings and pillows to hold all your crucial points in a perfect coherence.


While finding the best gaming chair, armrests should also be of the comfortable sort because they can be crucial for your arms and wrists when you are sitting for long hours. Gaming chairs meant for bigger and taller people have wider armrests that are movable in multiple directions. Many gaming chairs offer armrest with 3D (three dimensional) adjustments which means left and right movement, upward and downward movement, forwards and backwards movement while some even offers 4D (four dimensional) adjustments which adds another direction of pivoting it inwards.

Wider Seat

Gamers with a large stature should get a gaming chair that has a spacious and wider sitting are for their buttocks. Large gaming chairs come with wider seats that offers ample space for bigger and taller people to sit comfortably even in a reclining position so that no part of their body feels under pressure or strained.

Back Rest

Gaming chairs for large body types should have a long back rest in order to make a gamer comfortable while their head and back upright and properly rested. This is possible only when you get a gaming chair that matches your height and fits perfectly behind your back.


The material of the gaming chair is important to consider while choosing the best gaming chair for you. A high quality type of material is one that is easy to clean and maintain whereas is breathable and allows for good airflow to avoid sweating. Durability of the gaming chair also depends largely on the kind of material it is made of. Some materials are spill and dust spillage proof, like leather, but feels cold in winters and hot in summers. So you need to set your priorities straight and buy according to your personal requirements.


It is no secret that larger office chairs will come with a larger price tag. Also its wise not to try to buy a cheaper option because that might not be durable and will only add to your expense in the longer run. Thus consider it as a long term investment in your gaming career to buy a mid-way priced office chair that atleast give proper adjustments and is comfortable for your body weight and size.

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