Batman Arkham Origins Review

Are you tired of playing Batman Arkham City and still want a similar experience with a brand new story? If so this is a good game for you.


A very memorable theme song from many of our childhoods. Many people have liked Batman for a long time and the fan base has increased since the triple-A movies and video games. Batman Arkham Origins along these many video games. Batman Arkham City revolutionized the standards for super-hero video-games. Most critics have given the game Batman Arkham Origins a bashing because it hadn’t changed much from Arkham City. I disagree with these reviews because sometimes it’s good to reuse old material I don’t understand why these companies give Call Of Duty the biggest example of the most reuse I have seen of game-play and mechanics a good score and Batman Arkham Origins such a mediocre score. All complaining aside Batman Arkham Origins is a good game and seems to have gotten bashed for being very similar to Batman Arkham City. In addition the game comes with a cool multiplayer though this review will only be based on the single-player campaign. To answer the other question it’s based on personal belief: the game has many non-Christian elements which will be covered later in this review.


The story is about Batman trying to take down the intimidating Black Mask while trying to avoid many assassins. This is his origin story of how he met some of his most famous foes. The game is a prequel of Batman Arkham Asylum/City. Batman uses a vast array of gadgets to take down his enemies. There are seven assassins after Batman including Bane , Deadshot , and Deathstroke. Many of the assassins show their individuality proving to be a decent threat to Batman and each are his first encounters with the assassins. That is about all that can be said without spoiling the game. Overall the story seems to be good , but not as strong as Arkham City’s story. Arkham City’s story seemed to grip me onto it a lot more. I give the story 4 out of 5 stars.


The gameplay consists of a brawler/ 3rd person stealth action type of game. With the entertaining detective elements that truly enhance the Arkham games. The combat consists of the brawler combo type of fighting. Batman’s combo score can be increased through a variety of moves and he can take out many thugs in one battle due to the free-flow of the combat. The stealth type of gameplay consists of Batman using stealth take-downs and a very stealthy approach to knocking out the goons. He can also use his gadgets to help take down the minions along with a gadget that disables guns. Batman, this time around receives shock-gloves to help power generators and which is satisfying in pulverizing foes. The detective gameplay is increased this time around allowing Batman to see the crimes happen in his x-ray vision to find important objects. The game consists to this open-world type of place with a new fast-travel system made to make gliding around the city faster. Random crimes occur, but they feel very inorganic and scripted with little to no variety. There is a little mixture of RPG-elements with skill points that level your character up and you choose from 3 skill trees to increase performance in 3 areas. The amount of experience earned depends on combat scenario performance, variety of your combos and stealth take-downs. Eventually you are rated from an C-S scale, C being the lowest S being perfect. There are enigma challenges scattered throughout the game and a variety of side missions.

Overall the game offers many hours it takes around 25 hours to complete the entire story mode with everything completed. I give it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Christian Aspect

From a Christian point if view, this game is OK to play. There is tons of swearing, but the f-bomb is not included. There is killing, but it is not done by the hero in this story and he 100% against killing other people even if they are dangerous felons who deserve death. There is a bunch of dark themes and some brutal combat at some points. There is little blood in this game and no gore is present so it doesn’t contain super violence that M games happen to have, but it still is very violent for a T rated game. There is no magic of any sort in this game. And best of all this game encourages people to be good instead of being totally corrupt like a large part of society today. Overall I give the Christian aspect of this game 3 out of 5 stars.

Side Notes

The original voice actors for Batman (Kevin Conroy) and The Joker (Mark Hamill) had been replaced in Batman Arkham Origins with Roger Craig Smith playing as Batman and Troy Baker playing as the Joker. They seem to do well to imitate younger versions of their characters and do pretty well at it two.


The developer of WB Games Montreal got the rights to develop Batman Arkham Origins , but the developer Rocksteady created the earlier two games.The new developer did a really sufficient job at creating the combat and game mechanics almost on par with the past ones.

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