5 Mods To Take Skyrim from Routine To Awesome

I have come up with a list to spice things up after playing Skyrim for awhile. Mod Number 1 :”Gifts of the Outsider.” I remember playing Skyrim, and wondering how it would be cool if I had powers from the video game Dishonored. With just a few clicks I found the mod with the answer to my imagination. I am going to warn you guys that this mod definitely does not do anything christian-like because it adds spells and even one of them is called “Possession”. One of the many spells it adds is called “Blink” what this allows you to do is teleport in a very useful way and is good to use especially when trying to escape from those pesky guards.

Another feature this mod adds is called void gaze. It’s a night vision and x-ray vision hybrid that allows you to see in the nighttime with the feature of being able to see enemies through walls and over obstacles.

The next spell the mod added is called “Possession” and it’s optional to use these as it’s a mod and you don’t have to use all the spells. As I know this is a very controversial matter. Plus you can get almost anyone you want to killed by the guards due to assault.

The next familiar power you get from Dishonored is “Devouring Swarm” this summons a swarm of rats to tear anyone apart in your nearby radius. Hey, I am looking at you Jarl Balgruuf The Greater.

Have you ever had a day where your like you want to practically throw people around in Skyrim like a rag doll taking damage? Well here it is “Windblast” making your foes get blasted with wind.

Lastly, but definitely not least for the spells this mod adds is called “Bend Time”. This spell allows your character to attack people without letting them attack you. It allows you to dodge various projectiles that are being shot at you. Finally, I can kill Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak and General Tillus (of course with the various non-essential character mods.)

Those are most of the features of the mod ” Gifts of the Outsider” which, also includes a quest to find the spells and one more feature called “Shadow Kill” it adds a feature to stealth killing when there is a kill move and it disintegrates the body of that character. This mod can be found only on the Skyrim Mod Nexus.

Mod Number 2: “Faction-Pit Fighter” I remember going through Skyrim searching around throughout each area and came to a disappointing conclusion there was no arena in Skyrim. In the past game, Oblivion the arena was one of my most favorite things to do and one of the easiest ways to gain money. Enter, “Faction-Pit Fighter” where we are now able to do something very similar to the arena. “Faction Pit Fighter” adds a new faction, which can be found in Windhelm. Most of the things this mod does is improves on the arena that Oblivion had. This is mostly because of it’s freedom it gives the player to choose what type of fight they want. For example, if you choose to go on a ship you will have a one versus one battle against a bandit-like character. The battles seem challenging and the player is rewarded after each battle with cash and eventually unique items. Like the arena, your character ranks up after doing various fights when you increase in rank your character’s earnings increase. There are many features incorporated within this and it is kind of disappointing that this is only available through the Steam Workshop. In addition, if you have the DLC for Skyrim there is a Pit Fighter addon that adds even more features. Overall, I highly recommend this mod for every player who likes arena type games and Oblivion’s arena.

Mod Number 3: “SkyRevolution-Asasult Rifles Sniper Rifles and Sub-Machineguns” The mod title almost says it all. This cool mod includes 6 Dwarven guns and requires the DLC addon “Dawnguard.” The guns included are Dwarven Rev-1 Sub-Machinegun, Dwarven Rev-1 Assault Rifle, Dwarvem Rev-2 Gattling-Gun, Dwarven Rev-2 Sniper Rifle, Dwarven Rev-3 Assault Rifle, And the Dwarven Rev-3 Double Barrel Gun. The mod also includes a follower named Riza that includes a sniper-rifle, and Eiri Blindhearth that sells the guns and ammo. They are located at Dragonsreach in Whiterun. I came across this mod one day when I was searching if anyone put guns in Skyrim.

My character is currently betraying his follower by shooting her.

This is a very fun mod to use and fool around with. Good luck the guards have no chance. This mod is only available on the Skyrim Mod Nexus.

Mod Number 4:” Beast form spell – turns the player into a giant or falmer”

One day I was walking around in Skyrim I recently became a werewolf and before that I was a vampire. I thought to myself how fun would it be to transform into a giant. Boom! About two weeks later the mod I had been looking for had appeared. Yes I know this is another spell mod, but I have had most of my great Skyrim memories of mass adventure and craziness from this very mod.

In order to obtain the spells you need to go to Bleakwood Basin and the spells will be in a giant spell book by the giant fire.

The player giant versus the normal mammoth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you try this mod out I guarantee you will have a ridiculous amount of fun. And this mod can only be found on the Skyrim Mod Nexus.

Mod Number 5: “The Batman”

Once upon a time a person decided to look for mods and boom “Nananananananana Batman!!!!” It was an amazing thing to see a Batman companion mod that adds the bat cave. The bat cave located near the river past Riverwood. In the cave you will encounter batman and he will help you out. Batman now you know what it feels like to be a side-kick poor Robin. In addition the mod also gives you the bat suit.

Overall I would recommend these mods to anyone bored of Skyrim as they will increase playtime and add more elements to the gameplay. I am sorry if I offended anyone by having spells in this list and I agree they are not good things, but they add new elements to the game that I love. I would like to thank all of the mod developers to making my Skyrim experience even better than it was. If you haven’t modded Skyrim you sure are missing out on a lot of fun. Have fun playing Skyrim, and God bless you all.

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